It’s another monthly burst of news about bors-ng.

In the last month, we landed 5 PRs in the bors-ng repository.

“This Month in Bors” is written in public on GitHub. If you find a mistake, pull requests or issue reports are appreciated!

RFCs in Final Comment Period

Notable Additions

  • iagomoreira added infer rules for SemaphoreCI.
  • DilumAluthge added Netlify and skip ci to the tmp commits.

New Contributors

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Who’s using bors?

This month’s featured user is therapist, a lint suite runner. Therapist is a tool to help create robust, easily-configurable pre-commit hooks for Git. It has an easy command to install its pre-commit hook, and a config file that actually gets checked into your repo, to ensure that everyone who contributes to your project runs the same set of checks. This allows you to find and fix common issues before you actually commit code to your repo.

Got any suggestions for next month? Post a comment on the June pull request.