It’s another monthly burst of news about bors-ng, a GitHub application/bot that you put in charge of merging your PRs into the main branch.

In the last month, we landed 14 PRs in the bors-ng repository.

“This Month in Bors” is written in public on GitHub. If you find a mistake, pull requests or issue reports are appreciated!

Notable Additions

  • notriddle upgraded to the current version of Phoenix, Elixir, and OTP
  • notriddle fixed a database migration bug affecting Docker-based users

New Contributors

No new contributors this month. 😢

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Who’s using bors?

This month’s featured user is njasm’s client for the Mozilla Marionette protocol, the older, more powerful, Firefox-specific API for full-system testing with Firefox.

Got any suggestions for next month? Post a comment on the June pull request.