It’s another monthly burst of news about bors-ng, a merge queue implementation.

In the last month, we landed 15 PRs in the bors-ng repository.

“This Month in Bors” is written in public on GitHub. If you find a mistake, pull requests or issue reports are appreciated!

Notable Additions

  • notriddle fixed a bug in the mergeable flag handling, a flaw that prevents people from setting API timeouts themselves, a crash in squash merging when there’s merge conflicts
  • notriddle enabled reading the batch info pages as unprivileged users on public instances
  • notriddle added a way to see commit hashes and other info on narrow screens (mostly smartphones)

New Contributors

No new contributors this month. ☹

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Who’s using bors?

This month’s featured user is OnceCell, a tiny Rust library that provides shared, late-initialized data types:

  • It will never panic at runtime, unlike the standard library RefCell.
  • It provides direct access to the stored data, unlike the standard library Cell.
  • It is on track to be added to the standard library.

Got any suggestions for next month? Post a comment on the November pull request.