It’s another monthly burst of news about bors-ng, the old, deprecated, third-party workflow automation bot for GitHub.

In the last month, we landed 7 PRs in the bors-ng repository.

“This Month in Bors” is written in public on GitHub. If you find a mistake, pull requests or issue reports are appreciated!

Deprecation notice

As mentioned last month, bors-ng is deprecated. Bug fixes are still accepted, but new features are not.

For help setting up native Merge Queues, see the official feedback thread.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • nairb774 fixed a crash in the Syncer
  • notriddle added the deprecation notice to success messages on the public instance

New Contributors

Want to see your name in this newsletter? Contribute on our GitHub repository.

Who’s using bors?

This month’s featured user is mirrord: a proxy server that makes a service running on your local machine accessible as-if it were running in your cloud deployment.

Got any suggestions for next month? Post a comment on the June pull request.