Heads up! Bors-NG's public instance is being phased out in favor of GitHub Merge Queues.

Read the updated Getting Started Guide to self-host your own instance of Bors-NG, or visit GitHub's docs for information on merge queues.

Strict Mode for your CI/CD

Bors is a GitHub bot that prevents merge skew / semantic merge conflicts, so when a developer checks out the main branch, they can expect all of the tests to pass out-of-the-box.

Here's an example pull request.

The cool part of separating the merging from the publishing is that the exact integration of pull requests that end up in the main branch have already been tested before any developers try to work on it or users try to deploy it. It means less reverting commits after merging them, less hunting down others' mistakes before being able to do any of your own work, and, because bors does everything in the background, less waiting around for tests to run.