Commands (pull request comments)

Syntax Description
bors r+ Run the test suite, and push to master if it passes. Short for “reviewed: looks good.”
bors r= Same as r+, but the “reviewer” in the commit log will be recorded as the user(s) given as the argument.
bors r- Cancel an r+ or r=.
bors try Run the test suite, without pushing to master.
bors delegate+ Allow the pull request author to r+ their changes.
bors delegate= Allow the listed users to r+ this pull request’s changes.

Note that the keyword (bors) may be separated with a space or a colon. That is, bors try and bors: try are the same thing.

Configuration (bors.toml)

Name Type Description
status [string] List of commit statuses that must pass on the merge commit before it is pushed to master.
block_labels [string] List of PR labels that may not be attached to a PR when it is r+-ed.
pr_status [string] List of commit statuses that must pass on the PR commit when it is r+-ed.
timeout_sec integer Number of seconds from when a merge commit is created to when its statuses must pass.
cut_body_after string A marker in the PR description that indicates boilerplate that does not belong in the commit message.
delete_merged_branches boolean If set to true, and if the PR branch is on the same repository that bors-ng itself is on, the branch will be deleted.

Note that underscores (_) and hyphens (-) are interchangable in configuration option names. That is, pr_status and pr-status are the same thing.