Summary: Add "bors cancel" as alias for "bors r-"

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It's just readability of the chat history.

Guide-level explanation

Use bors cancel to cancel a PR from the queue.

Reference-level explanation

bors cancelEquivalent to bors r-


We already have one synonym. There's not much reason not to have two.

Rationale and alternatives

Custom commands? No way. It's hard enough making sure everyone understands what's going on.

Prior art

  • bors merge-

Unresolved questions

  • What's the cut-off? We don't want to enable every possible one. cancel seems alright, because other parts of the app call it "canceling," but if someone proposes "stop," we might want to say no.

Future possibilities

Since we already refer to it as "cancel"ing in other places, this makes sense, but beyond that, there hopefully won't be any more of these.

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